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Clickthrough issue


The problem with a welcome screen is that EVERY interface, no matter how simple has a learning curve, even if it is only a matter of 30 seconds to read the screen. As such, you are basically putting forth effort to build a tiny user interface in their face which delays them from getting to know the real interface they will be using for the rest of their time with the system.

This doesn't mean the welcome screen project is a bad idea - just that you want to (as much as possible) have your welcome screen program show people how to do these initial tasks in the real system, rather than providing a simplified (and thus different) interface than they would ordinarily use. Something that points to the help button and explains how to access basic tutorials, screengrabs showing that the little orange and blue swirly at the top of the screen is their one click access to "the google".

Re: Clickthrough issue


Thanks for your comment. I agree that the welcome centre is a somewhat artificial way of introducing users to the system. In many ways it is just an attempt to make the relevant documentation more obvious to the user, in the hope that they might actually read it!

I was playing with some alternative concepts a couple of months back, and came up with something similar to what you suggest. The "Bubble Tour" [1] pops up a sequence of notification bubbles which point to relevant items on the desktop, and provides a brief description of each item. It's only a rough prototype, but I'd be interested to see what you think of the general concept.



[1] - http://philbull.googlepages.com/bubble_tour.py

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