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Python Demos

I just filed a bug with the code for the python guitar tuner demo app


I would like to know what issues you guys ran into with introspection so that we can fix them for you. I'm running through the other demos to see what I can whip up.

I have an early demo of the audio player in javascript for both gjs and seed. Which one are you guys using ? I will submit it in bugzilla
Also it would be nice to add some perl and C# demos.

Awesome, thanks Luis! We're using gjs.

We've decided to focus on the "core" GNOME languages for now. It's a little bit arbitrary, but there was broad agreement between people at the hackfest that the five we chose were sensible. C# is a bit difficult because I don't know what's going on with GTK 3 support in Mono, and Mono seems to stand aside from the rest of GNOME in many ways too (different IDE etc). Is Perl something we'd recommend people use to create GUI apps any more?

Well both languages are very important (even Perl) because we need also to motivate programmers to use GTK+ and not Qt or ncurses.
The problem here is that the tutorial is very GTK3 oriented and none of this languages have yet support for this version.

Also i think that a good gobject tutorial would be awesome for new users. This is by far one of the most asked questions about GTK development and the current tutorial isn't good enough for newbies.

I agree that a gobject tutorial would be a good idea, and we do have plans for something like that. It's just a matter of finding someone to write it.

We wanted to be forward-looking with the tutorials, hence the focus on GTK3. Why push people onto a platform that will soon be replaced? It would be nice to have tutorials for every language you can possibly use, but we needed to prioritise. Again, volunteers could fix that situation...

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