April 10th, 2007

Ubuntu Documentation Project

Wow, I'm now a member of the Ubuntu Documentation Project! It's been really great helping out with the docs during this release cycle, and they'll hopefully be the best Ubuntu docs so far.

The whole team is great, but special thanks go out to mdke and nixternal for all of their help and support (and answering my incessant questions on the mailing-list). Thanks guys!
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Feisty feature of the day #33 - Clever Terminal

So you're following a how-to on the Internet (like I was this morning) and type a command into the Terminal. Whoops! You don't have that program installed on your system. So now you've got to click around Google for a few minutes trying to find out which package provides that command. Bugger.

Why not let Feisty worry about that for you?

The Terminal knows which package each command is found in

That's right folks, the terminal knows which package you should install to make a particular command available. I can't see this feature being massively useful, but it's pretty cool and anything which improves the usability of the terminal gets my vote.

Edit: Looks like this is in Edgy too. Must pay more attention!