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Feisty feature of the day #3 - Bullet points in Tomboy

If you want to make notes, then you can't beat Tomboy; it's simple, efficient and doesn't try to look like a PostIt note.

In the version of Tomboy included with Feisty, support for bullet points has been added. Most of the notes I make are lists of some description, so it's nice to be able to let Tomboy worry about indenting for me. Tomboy's style of bulleted list even makes the note more readable, which gives me added incentive to plough through my various todo lists.

Bullet points in Tomboy

To make a bulleted list in Tomboy, just type * or - at the very beginning of a line. When you press the return key, bullet points will automatically be inserted.
Tags: bullet points, feisty, ffotd, lists, notes, postit, todo, tomboy, ubuntu
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