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Feisty feature of the day #5 - Better session management?

When I log in to my computer, I like various things to be available instantly, such as Rhythmbox and the Liferea RSS feed reader. This is possible thanks to the session management tools provided with the GNOME desktop, which used to have a confusing configuration dialog that never did exactly what you expected it to...

The System -> Preferences -> Sessions capplet has had a small makeover for Feisty. Sensible names are now displayed for startup programs (rather than the full command as before) and the Session Options tab is limited to two simple options.

New layout of the GNOME session management preferences dialog

This isn't much of a change in itself - I imagine that session management is still confusing for less experienced users, who most of the time probably just want to make a program run automatically when they log in.

The Current Session tab is still busy and complicated. There's the strange 'Style' column, which determines if an application is started or not at session startup, and integers for what I think are the startup order. This could all be much simpler, as could the method for entering a new startup program. You can either type in a command or browse for one (like a file) in your Home directory! Why not just use the application list from the Alt+F2 run dialog?

So this post isn't really a feature report, it's a moan. But at least things are improving - who knows, maybe next release cycle it will improve to the point of being usable for non-nerds?

I think I'm off to file some bugs.
Tags: feisty, ffotd, gnome, session management, startup, ubuntu
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