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Feisty feature of the day #6 - Album art in Rhythmbox

Album art has been available in Rhythmbox for a while now; if you haven't enabled it already, just click Edit -> Plugins and tick the Cover art plugin. The album cover for the song you are currently listening to will be fetched automatically from the Internet and displayed in the main window.

Even if you didn't notice album art, you won't have missed the notification support in Rhythmbox. Unless you've disabled it, a notification bubble should pop up every time a new song starts.

But what if you combined the two? Well, you'd have flashy song notifications, wouldn't you?

Album art in Rhythmbox notifications

Even the tooltips can show album art now - perfect for those of you who've ever bought an album solely because it had a shiny, shiny cover... (it sounds alright though)

Apologies for the lateness of this post too ;)
Tags: album art, feisty, ffotd, gnome, notifications, rhythmbox, tooltip, ubuntu
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