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Feisty feature of the day #8 - Smart news from Liferea

Liferea is my favourite RSS news feed reader, and the version available with Feisty has seen some pretty cool improvements over the Edgy version.

Apart from the new styling (which I've warmed to), it's also Jono-proof:

Jono's blog is marked as appearing on three planets

Yes, that's right folks - if you subscribe to a number of planets which aggregate the same person, by reading their post on one planet, it's marked as read on all the others in Liferea. Of course, in the case of Jono, you should read his posts more than once anyway ;)

Also featured are a 'Script Manager' and 'Update Monitor', which I haven't gotten around to using yet, and a new 'wide view' which maximises the reading area. Something for all the family!
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