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Feisty feature of the day #9 - Get connected with NetworkManager

Network configuration is one of those things that just never works out as planned. It's easy to waste a whole afternoon trying to set up a laptop to talk to a wireless router, despite whatever documentation the router's manufacturer put in the box. Wouldn't it be nice if that sort of thing just sorted itself out automagically?

Say hello to NetworkManager, which should now be included by default in Feisty. It's not perfect, but in many cases NetworkManager should allow your networking to 'just work', saving many a headache and tech-support phone call.

NetworkManager displaying available networks

NetworkManager integrates well with the existing network tools in Ubuntu, which are used to configure wired network connections. All of the wireless stuff is handled by NM, and connecting to a wireless network is usually as easy as selecting it from a list.

If you move between networks, NM should prove particularly useful. However, because I'm on a wired connection, I rarely notice NetworkManager myself. Maybe that's because it's busy 'just working'?
Tags: feisty, ffotd, networking, networkmanager, ubuntu, wireless
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