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Feisty feature of the day #17 - Switch from Windows

Switching from Windows is a big deal. If you've been using Windows since Adam was a lad, moving over to a new operating system, however great it is, is a daunting prospect. You have to make sure that equivalents to your Windows apps are available, backup your data, test your hardware, save all of your settings, and only then can you install the thing.

So you get put-off and don't bother. You stick with Windows. You continue the cycle of grumbling about how slow your computer is, about how you have to install new antivirus updates every day.

Don't worry - now help is at hand with the new Switching from Windows guide. The guide is intended to help you plan and carry out a migration from Windows to Ubuntu, and should hopefully take you through all of the awkward bits step-by-step, including testing your hardware and transferring your data across.

So now there's no excuse. Switch now!
Tags: feisty, ffotd, migrating, switching from windows, ubuntu
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