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Feisty feature of the day #20 - Universe and Multiverse on tap
Since the beginning of time, Ubuntu's Universe (community maintained packages) and Multiverse (packages with legal issues or proprietary bits) software repositories have been optional. While this protected users from installing software which could not be supported directly by the Ubuntu team, it also meant that accessing the vast collection of useful packages in the two repositories was that little bit more difficult.

Well, as of Ubuntu Feisty, Universe and Multiverse are enabled by default.

If you like, you can disable them by going to System -> Administration -> Software Sources. Click the Ubuntu Software tab and untick the universe and multiverse repositories.

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took them long enough

Hard to believe it's taken like 10 years for something so simple to change.
This is after years of everyone having to manually go in and edit some obscure text file just to be able to install software that everyone else already uses.

Linux developers seriously need to listen to users and usability data. I would say programming language designers should to (such as python), but that has a less than zero chance of happening.

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