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Feisty feature of the day
Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) was released on Thursday the 19th of April 2007. In the run-up to the release, I wrote an article a day (on average) about the new features which would be included in the Feisty release, complete with a screenshot of each feature.

Below is a list of all of the Feisty feature posts I made:

  1. OpenOffice gets Tango'd

  2. Having problems?

  3. Bullet points in Tomboy

  4. Get help. Fast.

  5. Better session management?

  6. Album art in Rhythmbox

  7. Sexy menu entries

  8. Smart news from Liferea

  9. Get connected with NetworkManager

  10. Pins in Tomboy

  11. Disk usage analyser

  12. Wobbly windows for all

  13. Get bad things in a good way

  14. Tune in to Last.fm with Rhythmbox

  15. Fancy volume control

  16. Do no evil with Magnatune

  17. Switch from Windows

  18. Be free with Restricted Drivers Manager

  19. Easy codec installation

  20. Universe and Multiverse on tap

  21. Pick-up popular packages

  22. Automated bug reports with apport

  23. Custom colours in themes

  24. Search Tomboy notes

  25. Open-source Sun Java

  26. Get Windows network cards working

  27. A game of chess?

  28. Rounded windows

  29. Battery stats

  30. New Control Centre

  31. Desktop search with Tracker

  32. Missing the Start menu?

  33. Clever Terminal

  34. Reliable NTFS support? Surely not...

  35. Encrypted clipboard support

  36. Snazzy Sudoku

  37. What links to your Tomboy notes?

  38. A load of rubbish?

  39. Simple printing

  40. Migrating data the easy way

  41. Zeroconf networks

  42. Linux for Human Beings

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Good blog!

Cheers for the feature list, been using Feisty for 2 days now and wanted to know what else I could do.. found some good stuff here! :) Definitively coming back here to check for a Gusty list!

I love Ubuntu! They rock!

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