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Feisty feature of the day #34 - Reliable NTFS support? Surely not...
NTFS support has traditionally been weak under Linux; reading NTFS partitions is usually quite stable, but if you're trying to write to a disk formatted as NTFS... well, you'd better keep one finger on your latest backup.

Not so long ago, the NTFS-3G project released a stable version of their NTFS driver, which promises to be fast, full of features, but above all: reliable.

The stable version of this driver is in the Feisty universe repository, along with ntfs-config, a tool which you can use to easily mount NTFS partitions using NTFS-3G.

Configuring an NTFS partition

If you have a dual-boot setup (both Windows and Linux installed on the same computer), this package will hopefully be able to save you a lot of headaches, not to mention data loss.

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cancel icon

this might sound irrelevant but i hated the cancel button icon in edgy eft.the one shown in this screen shot is different.is that a new icon by default or did you change it yourself?

The cancel icon seems to be new - I'm using the Human icon theme, which should be the default. For what it's worth, I wasn't a big fan of the cancel icon in Edgy either...

Enter Tango Friday

All 193 GTK stock icons were overhauled in the latest Tango Friday. Human has taken these icons in.

Indeed, it is a refreshing change from the old GNOME icons.


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