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Feisty feature of the day #34 - Reliable NTFS support? Surely not...

NTFS support has traditionally been weak under Linux; reading NTFS partitions is usually quite stable, but if you're trying to write to a disk formatted as NTFS... well, you'd better keep one finger on your latest backup.

Not so long ago, the NTFS-3G project released a stable version of their NTFS driver, which promises to be fast, full of features, but above all: reliable.

The stable version of this driver is in the Feisty universe repository, along with ntfs-config, a tool which you can use to easily mount NTFS partitions using NTFS-3G.

Configuring an NTFS partition

If you have a dual-boot setup (both Windows and Linux installed on the same computer), this package will hopefully be able to save you a lot of headaches, not to mention data loss.
Tags: data loss, dual-boot, feisty, ffotd, mount, ntfs, ntfs-3g, ntfs-config, partition, ubuntu, windows
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