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Feisty feature of the day #36 - Snazzy Sudoku

When I'm not learning Physics or writing documentation, I sometimes get bored enough to play Sudoku. If you've never done a Sudoku puzzle before, it's like a crossword for people who can only do the numbers round on Countdown (i.e. yours truly).

GNOME Sudoku is a particularly good Sudoku game, which is now included as part of the gnome-games package. Since Edgy, it's certainly seen a lot of polish. There are far fewer bugs, some nice new features and even a touch of eye-candy here and there.

Using the Highlighter feature in GNOME Sudoku

The screenshot doesn't do all of the improvements justice. For example, if you click twice on a square, a keypad pops up so that you can select a number without touching your keyboard. There's a highlighter (in the screenshot), and even a couple of text entries at the top and bottom of each square for you to note-down possible numbers in.

If you're a hard-core Sudoku nut, upgrade to Ubuntu Feisty.
Tags: boredom, countdown, crossword, feisty, ffotd, game, gnome-games, puzzle, sudoku, ubuntu
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