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Feisty feature of the day #38 - A load of rubbish?

I've been waiting for this feature for a long time. It's so simple and obvious, yet it hasn't been implemented until now.

When you delete a file on pretty much any modern operating system, it gets moved to another location before being removed completely. This is so that you can change your mind about deleting the file, or can recover the file if you accidentally pressed the delete key. The name of this special location varies - it's the Recycle Bin on Windows, Trash on Mac OS and any of Trash, Wastebasket or Deleted Items on Linux (if you're using the en_GB locale, that is).

So what's the problem? Well, in GNOME, the only sensible way to empty the trash until now has been to right-click on the desktop/panel icon for the trash and to select 'Empty the wastebasket' or whatever it's been localised to. You have to minimise all of your windows to get to it, or you forget that the icon is on the panel, which means that you have to mess around selecting everything in the trash folder and then deleting it. Compare this to Windows, where there's a button which says Empty Recycle Bin in the Recycle Bin window, right there, where you're most likely to need it.

Now there's a nice, big button which empties your trash for you

Now Nautilus has a big, obvious Empty Deleted Items button. Problem solved, usability issue over, nothing to see here...
Tags: deleted items, en_gb, feisty, ffotd, gnome, localisation, nautilus, recycle bin, trash, ubuntu, usability, wastebasket, windows
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