Phil Bull (philbull) wrote,
Phil Bull

GNOME Women: Work on docs!

It's time for another round of the GNOME Outreach Programme for Women!

I recently got back from spending a week in Toronto at the GNOME docs hackfest. Tiffany and Natalia, our current women's outreach interns, were so completely and utterly made of awesome that I couldn't resist mentoring for the docs team this year! We're looking for people to work on some of the following:
  • Writing, editing and testing help topics for end users
  • Writing guides for developers
  • Integrating help into user interfaces
  • Performing help usability tests
  • Making high-quality instructional videos to be integrated into the help
  • Helping distros to use the GNOME docs as a basis for their own specific documentation
  • Something awesome of your own invention
I'm pretty excited about this stuff. We're well on track to building a help system that even beats the (excellent) offerings from Microsoft and Apple. Get in touch ASAP, there's loads of stuff to be done right now!
Tags: documentation, gnome, help, women

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