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GNOME 3; User Help hackfest
GNOME 3.0 released

Well done everyone!

User Help 2011 hackfest

Well, the User Help hackfest in Toronto went swimmingly! Blip tells the story. Muchas tortugas to the GNOME Foundation for their usual level of super-generosity, and muchos Horton's muffins to CDOT at the University of York at Seneca for hosting the hackfest. (By the way, they're doing some seriously cool stuff over at CDOT - check it out.)

As a result of the hackfest, the GNOME docs are lookin' gooood. If you have an up-to-date build of GNOME 3.0 you can see for yourself (in Yelp, as The Fearless Leader intended). There's an HTML build on Library too, but it's not quite as pretty.

Sponsored by the GNOME Foundation

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